Natty&Polly Case Study


Natty & Polly Wallpaper, a Melbourne-based business, thrives on vibrant colors and bold patterns, boasting an extensive collection of over 11,000 wallpapers and wall murals. With a commitment to quality and a global network of manufacturers and artists, they offer one of Australia's largest wallpaper selections. Natty & Polly believes in the transformative power of wallpaper to express individual personality and creativity, not just in spaces but in the individuals who inhabit them.


With their existing theme no longer receiving support, Natty & Polly encountered hurdles affecting the smooth functioning of their store. Recognizing the need for a fresh approach, they approached Bigmadness with the request to create a new theme that not only addressed functionality issues but also preserved the aesthetic appeal of their original designs.


In response to these challenges, Bigmadness engaged in the ambitious task of creating a new theme from scratch using cornerstone as the base theme. This strategic decision was driven by the necessity to evolve beyond the limitations of the outdated theme. The goal was to seamlessly integrate essential features and enhance the overall user experience for both new and returning customers.

Key Features Implemented

Optimized Shopping Cart

Addressing the issues with the client and shopping cart, the new theme prioritized a smooth and user-friendly shopping experience. The optimized cart with better looks and functionality ensured a seamless checkout process improving overall customer satisfaction.

Elegant and Refined Design

Bigmadness excelled in enhancing the store's design, achieving a perfect blend of cleanliness and elegance. The meticulous attention to detail resulted in a more refined and visually appealing website, creating an ideal platform for showcasing and selling Natty & Polly's exquisite wallpaper designs. The optimized and clean design not only captivates the eye but also adds to the overall appeal.

Sample Purchase Controls

To prevent excessive sample purchases, Bigmadness implemented robust controls, striking a balance between providing samples for customers while avoiding misuse. This measure helped manage costs and maintain a sustainable business model.

Non-Editable Quantity on Murals

Recognizing the need for flexibility, the new theme didn’t allow customers to edit the quantity when ordering murals. This customization feature empowered users to tailor their orders to specific project requirements inserting only the height and width needed, contributing to a more personalized shopping experience along with meeting the need of Natty & Polly.

Efficient Mural Calculator

Bigmadness integrated an efficient mural calculator, streamlining the process of determining the required quantity for different wall murals. This tool simplified decision-making for customers, ensuring accurate measurements and reducing potential errors.

Results and Achievements:

The implementation of the new theme proved to be a pivotal move for Natty & Polly. The optimized shopping experience, controlled sample purchases, editable mural quantities, and an efficient mural calculator collectively contributed to an elevated customer journey. With the help of Bigmadness, Natty & Polly's commitment to providing a haven of joy for their customers found new expression in the seamless and user-friendly online platform.