Ceres Shop Case Study


In the divine tapestry of ancient Rome, Ceres the goddess of abundance and fertility embodied abundance and fertility, nurturing the earth to yield bountiful harvests. Similarly, Ceres.shop, founded by Stelios Theocharous in 2009, embarked on a quest to reintroduce the art of crispy batter to fish and chip shops. Facing challenges with an unstable root theme on their BigCommerce platform, they sought the expertise of Bigmadness for a transformative solution.


Ceres.shop encountered difficulties customizing their online store with an unstable root theme, hindering their desire for a responsive and updated design. The challenge was to create a permanent solution that would enhance the storefront, ensuring it remained in tune with the latest updates while preserving the original design. Bigmadness was tasked with making the store faster, responsive across all devices, and incorporating additional features to elevate the user experience.


Drawing inspiration from the stability of the goddess Ceres, Bigmadness chose the BigCommerce theme cornerstone as the foundation for the new storefront. By redesigning the store to resemble the original while eliminating the root theme, they achieved a faster and more responsive website. Addressing various design bugs, they also implemented new features to enhance the overall user experience.

Key Features Implemented

Separated Blog and Recipes Showcase

To showcase the uses of Ceres products, Bigmadness separated recipes from blogs, creating dedicated pages for a better UI/UX. This allowed Ceres to communicate the exceptional flavors and versatility of their products with the world.

New Easy-to-Use Product Slider

Overcoming challenges in page builder customization which was slower because of frequent session reset, Bigmadness introduced a custom product slider. This feature streamlined the process of adding product groups by allowing the insertion of product IDs, ensuring efficiency and a seamless user experience.

Better Design for Mobile

Significant improvements were made to enhance the mobile user experience, introducing features like a "scroll to top" option and a "back to shop" button for smoother navigation. Special attention was given to design details, including proper font sizing, to optimize readability on smaller screens. Client-requested enhancements for a more user-friendly menu, footer, and product page designs were seamlessly integrated.

Fixed Login for pricing feature

To address the specific needs of our wholesale client, a customized solution for login-based pricing was devised. The inherent challenge arose from the incompatibility of BigCommerce's native login-for-pricing feature with existing code. In response, our team took the initiative to develop a tailored login system for pricing. By diagnosing and fixing the compatibility issue, we successfully created a seamless and effective solution that aligned with the client's expectations.

Better Navigation

Navigation menu was finely tailored for improved usability. Placing the search bar outside in the header enhanced the user experience. The header, reminiscent of the previous theme, was upgraded with a sticky header and sleek icons on both mobile and desktop interfaces. These refinements aimed at providing a cleaner and more intuitive navigation experience.

Optimized Footer

The footer underwent a transformation for a cleaner and more user-friendly appearance. All categories, footer links, and social icons were thoughtfully arranged to ensure easy navigation. The result is a streamlined and visually appealing footer that facilitates effortless access to relevant information and social connections.

Bulk discount rates percentage to price add-ons

For better User experience and to provide more details to your customer this add-ons help to move popup bulk price to always visible with price instead percent of each. This helped the customers to easily understand about the bulk pricing and discount rates.

Results and Satisfaction

Through collaborative efforts, Ceres.shop witnessed a revitalized online presence. The new storefront not only met but exceeded expectations, providing a faster, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing platform. Ceres.shop expressed satisfaction with the results, highlighting the successful collaboration between their vision and the expertise of Bigmadness.