add afterpay icon bigcommerce cornerstone stencil theme

open /templates/components/common/payment-icons.html then replace with below code

Aspect Ratio for Bigcommerce Cornerstone HeroCarousel?

Our shop recently migrated to Cornerstone from another theme. The aspect ratio for our previous carousels is causing display issues with the Cornerstone Hero Carousel. Specifically, the image is expanding to cover the full width of the screen, which causes the carousel graphic to be cut off at the top and bottom.

What aspect ratio should we use when creating carousel graphics for use with Cornerstone?


Paste below CSS into footer script

how to remove navigation menu from top and keep on footer – bigcommerce stencil theme

Bigcommerce forum forum most repeating question

Quick video guide to remove navigation menu from top and keep on footer.

New menu on the footer

Basically I took away the brands menu on the footer as I dont need it but I would like to place a new menu there called Legal, with some pages within that menu such as Cookies Policy, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy etc. But I dont want it to appear on the main navigation at thee top, only the footer where the Brands menu was. is the website.

Ask A Design Partner — Apryll Priest (Customer) asked a question.


Ask A Design PartnerJoseph Alley (Customer) asked a question. 

Cornerstone Light: Remove certain navigation web pages from Main menu header but keep on footer?

Hi, so I’m finally opening a Bigcommerce store, i remember last time i tried this was an issue. So i would like to only have certain web pages like “Terms and Conditions” and “Blog” to only show on footer and not on the main menu header, because i think it significantly allows a customer to think about something else other than actually shopping. However i would still like to keep web pages like “Contact Us” in the header as thats important.

Is there any way someone could help with a code for this? i genuinely have zero budget, so this would be very helpful if someone could show me for free and i think it would help many people!


how to add phone number to header of bigcommerce stencil cornerstone

How to add phone number to header of bigcommerce stencil cornerstone?

Add phone number to header of site
Hi everybody. I am trying to add my phone number to the header of my site above gift certificates\sign in.

Quick video Guide



How to edit bigcommerce Cornerstone Light footer.

I am using and would like to remove (or comment out) the Categories in my footer.

Where do I find footer.html to modify bigcommerce Cornerstone Light footer?



free cornerstone basic stencil theme

Yet another Bigcommerce Cornerstone Stencil Theme for free – Bigcommerce Cornerstone Basic Stencil Theme Left-hand Category Menu, better and minimalist free bigcommerce stencil theme Ideal for a wide range of businesses and brands, this design is fully responsive, simple, and ready for you to add your branding, logo, and products. It comes ready to build a clean looking and beautiful store with features such as homepage carousel, social media icons, featured and top selling products, and faceted search (which is available on select BigCommerce plans). Fully express your brand by using our Theme Editor to quickly and easily style your site’s fonts and colors, all without the need to write code.

Bigcommerce Basic Stencil Theme

What’s New?

Left Side Navigation
Brand Sidebar
Narrow Box Layout
Navigation Font Style
Reduce logo top and bottom gap
Transparent Hero Carousel
Header Phone Number
New Footer layout
Full width product description
More Google Fonts
Category pages products per page upto 200 – 10000
No sidebar option for category page
Homepage Blog & Blog Grid Layout (Paid Only)
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Current Version: 2.2.0
Theme Type: Left-hand Category, Responsive, Clean & Minimalist.
Includes 3 styles: Light, Bold & Warm


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Bigcommerce Basic Stencil Theme – Blog Homepage & Blog Grid Layout